Here is a front view showing the weights I made from a bunch of tire weights from my local tire store.   I poured the
lead into a cake pan for a mold.  Made 2 weights each about 1.5 inches thick.   You can also see the Goodyear
185-75R12 tires I replace the old ribbed tires with.


Here are the new rear tires Goodyear 36X13.5X15 Terra Turf tires mounted on JD rims.  I have two pieces of 7.5
inch diameter stock on order so I can machine some adapters on the milling machine as the bolt pattern is 6X6 on
the rims and 6X5.5 on the rear hubs.


Here is a view showing the difference between the stock tires and the new ones.  There is actually only about 1 inch
difference in diameter.


Another comparison view.   The overall width of the new tires is 15 inches.   Bought the tires (brand new) and
mounted on nicely repainted rims off e-bay for 272.00 total including shipping!


Here is a shot of the rims.


Here are the adapters prior to being tapped for 1/2-20 bolts.   They were made from 7.5 inch diameter 6061-T6
aluminum that was cut to 1 1/2 inches thick.  I got the stock from Speedy Metals.  Although I have a milling
I don't have a rotary table so the 4" diameter center cutout would have taken several hours of work.  I called a
local machine shop and they cut the center out and faced the pieces for 20.00 total.  The 6 inch pattern for the
JD rims is tapped on one side and the 5.5 inch pattern is tapped on the other.  I'll show you why next.


I found the bolts went through the existing holes from the rear perfectly saving me the trouble of having to mill out
12 holes to recess the bolts if I had to use the stock Yanmar bolts.


Here a shot after I torqued the plate down.  I used Noalox anti-sieze on all the hardware prior to screwing the
bolts in.


One side done now onto the other.


Here is a shot after I got the second tire on.  I still have the same clearance as before.


Here is another side view of the new tires.  Still debating whether I'm going to paint the rears white or the front
rims JD yellow.  All in all it cost about 85.00 to make the adapters and about 375.00 for the whole project.  Not
bad considering what I got for my money.


Since it is winter and time to tinker in the garage I am also adding a full set of gauges instead of the idiot lights.


Here they are all installed and the infamous Yanmar eek eek horn remounted!


Here are the 1 inch fender spacers I cut from aluminum stock and drilled out It is amazing what 2 inches of clearance
does for you.


It allows you to put a real seat on the tractor.  Much more comfort when your cutting 3 acres.


All ready to get some work done!

Hope that gives you some ideas of what you can do fairly easily.