Here is the new remote Microweather Station deployed next to my greenhouse.



       This is the IC-02AT transciever, Ramsey amplifier, gel cells and charger
        and in the lower left the Microweather circuit board.
        It was designed by David Andersen K0RX and is available at  RXcomm

     This is the location of my other weather station on the small barn at
     18 ft above the ground.  It runs into the shack and is a Peet Ultimeter 100.
     It works good but is blocked by the trees on the south side.

     This is the view of the Dallas One Wire sensors looking from East to West.
     They are mounted 33 ft above ground level.  Attached to the West end of the Greenhouse.

     This is the view from South to North.  As you can see I am in clean air now.

     This is the West to East view.  With the exception of the one pine I'm in the clear.
     I don't get much blockage from it as the branches are aout 35 ft off the ground.

     And last here is the North to South shot.  I'm a little closer as I didn't want to
     dodge cow pies in the field beside me!

 Weather at N4BK