Here are the updated pictures of the pond.



This view is looking towards the road.  The pond is built around my tower for my Ham Radio antennas.  It is about
1/3 of an acre in size and will be 10 ft deep in the deepest part when it is all the way full.


This is looking across my property towards the greenhouses.


This is from the side of the road looking toward the house.

Another view from the road toward the house.


This view is from the driveway looking toward the dock.

Here is a view of the finished pilings after they were filled with concrete.


Looking from the driveway towards the dock and antenna tower.


Another driveway view.


This is as the winter rye was just starting to come in.  It will be seeded with burmuda in April.


This shows the grade of the banks.


This was taken on a beautiful day in the middle of January.


This is an early view showing the grade on the bank, maybe I can keep the herons out!

Hope this gives you some ideas for building your own pond.   It took 56 hours with a back hoe to dig it out and 2 days
with a trac hoe and two semi dump trucks to haul the dirt away to a neighbor who needed it to fill in areas around his
house he had just built.  I put 200 channel catfish in it the last week of February and will stock 50 Bass in early May.