Here are some views of the construction of my large pond soon to be stocked with Bass, Bream and Catfish.




After determining where to put the pond the next step was to find a back-hoe                                                 Here is how it looked after removing  the top soil and putting it in a safe place
operator.   the only logical place was to wrap the pond around the Ham Radio                                                   so I can use it later to dress off the edges.  You can see the orange flags
Tower.                                                                                                                                                                                       marking the guy wires.


Now the fill dirt is starting to be removed.  The pond is 180' looking in this                                                          This shows how we wrapped it around the tower.  You can see the fill starting
direction. and 85 ' at the widest point.                                                                                                                               to pile up.  The flags mark my underground cables to the tower.  Don't want
                                                                                                                                                                                                      to have to replace them!


Wade slowly worked from one end to the other.  He is down about 2 feet at                                                        Done for the day.  You can see the Greenhouse in the background.
this point.


This shows the relationship to the house.  and the 3 to 1 grade on the bank.                                                        The rains started coming the weekend after it was finished there is about 1,000
 Looks great from the big living room window.                                                                                                              cubic yards of fill to be hauled off.

The water is about 2 1/2 ft deep at the far end.  You can see how I am constructing
my dock using 4 inch PVC pipe concreted in the ground.  After this picture I put
rebar in the pipes and filled them with concrete.  Very sturdy and will not rot!

Since these were taken the Dock has been completed.  42 loads of dirt have been hauled off and I am waiting for Wade to come back over with the back-hoe to finish dressing off the edges and replace
the topsoil around it.  This is one extreme way to get rid of mowing 1/3 of an acre of grass!