Here is how the pvc is joined to the 2 by 6 at the bottom the second clamp is buried




This is how to attach the poly panels to the pvc using the wooden strips and screws made for poly panels




A view of the main span down the top.


This gives some idea of the end.  I used 3/4 inch square strips, got them real wet with hot water bent the

wood and screwed from the backside of the pvc pipe to give a frame to attach the end.  If you look at the

right upper side of the picture you can see 2 holes caused by a hailstorm!  I have about 10 holes to fix.


Another ceiling view showing the second set of ribs.  there is 5 ft of pvc from the top to this rib and 5 ft

this rib to the 2 by 6 on the bottom.




This show where I overlapped the sections of poly on a rib.


This is in the large greenhouse but shows how the 2 by 8 is attached to the blocks after having a countersunk

hole drilled into it.