This is the view of the interior of my large greenhouse it is 20' X 40' with a 16' peak.  The north wall and roof are

                         of normal construction, and insulated with R-13 insulation as during the winter I get no sun on that side and

                         during the summer I didn't want any.  It sure helps on heating and cooling.   The floor is 10 tons of crusher run

                         and then covered with about 15 scoops of river rock.  The walls are fiberglass sheeting and the south roof is

                         corrugated  fiberglass panels.  The fan housings are dayton models I bought for 10.00 each off of E-bay.  I look at

                        the  local flea markets and on E-bay for all that I can get cheap!   All the plant shelves were free, found a post on

                        the local "For Sale" group on the internet and someone was remodeling a wherehouse that was a flower supply.

                        Free shelving, 2 X 4 wood and sheathing!  Got 5 trailer loads!  So I have about 2,500.00 into the greenhouse so far.

                        If you keep your eyes open you can really save alot of money.




    A view looking towards the west of the pond and Bio- filter                                                                             This is the center table.  You can see the loops for the water heating.


    This is another view of the center table, fresh strawberries anyone?                                                                     This is a dwarf tangelo and fig plants along the south wall.


    Here are pinapple plants that were started last year from one plant.                                                              This is the return tank, pump and 10 gallon water heater used for heat.


    Here is a view of the water raceway leading to the pond.                                                                                                     Another view of the raceway and the Bio-filter.


                       A view of the pond and my favorite seat!                                                                                                                                         Another view of the pond.


               And the happy residents waiting for feeding time.                                                                                             This view is looking west to east, you can see the small 16 X 20
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Hoop house out the front door.


This view is looking from the west to the east.                                                                                                                    Another west to east view showing the north wall and roof.


This is looking from the front porch to the north showing both houses.                                                                    This is the interior with 10 tons of crusher run and just starting to cover
                                                                                                                                                                                                       with river rock.  As you can see the walls are not yet insulated and covered.


The Koi Pond under construction.                                                                                                                                                                                            Another construction view

The Greenhouse was started in October 2000 and was covered  in March 2001 the rest of the Summer has been moving rock installing heat and benches
and the Koi Pond.  It has been hard work but now I can enjoy it.  The North wall and ceiling are insulated and then covered with a 20 X 40 Ft tarp.