These pictures were taken 11/29/01 with my new HP 215 digital camera.

Hey dad, feed me don't look at me!

Artichoke plants doing fine after the transplant.


Dwarf Musha banana cuttings.  Plan to use these around my big pond outside.

Some of the plants.  You can see the water loop around each bench.


This is a top view of my Bio-filter and water raceway leading to the pond.

These are Blueberries that I started over last winter and now in full bloom.  Fresh blueberries in January!

This is broccolli inside of my hoop house.  Just going to head so should be ready for eatin in a couple of weeks.

Another view inside the hoophouse.


Cabbage inside of the hoophouse.


Another view of the Bio-filter and raceway


A shot of the water iris plants


Fresh tomatos anyone?


Pineapple plants.


More shots of banana plants.


Full shot of the pond.


Tangelos getting bigger.  The bloom in front is a pregnant onion bloom.