On this page I will link things of interest in the Electronics Realm.   To include Ham Radio and General Electronics

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All files are zipped and in EAGLE 4.XX Cad format.  If you don't have Eagle go to  Cadsoft Computer Inc.  and download a free trial version to view the schematics and PCB files.
All files are copyrighted property of B&D Electronics and are for use by individuals only and are not to be duplicated or publicated without expressed written authorization.
If there is enough interest I will consider producing units.  PC Boards are availiable in a limited supply.  E-mail if interested

The Greenhouse timer files are for  a mist timer for you greenhouse or flowerbeds.  It consists of two programmable that are linked.  One controls the period of on time and is programmable
 from   0 - 99  seconds.  The second controls the off time and is programmable from 0 - 99 minutes.  These two inteval periods continue from the moment power is turned on until
 it is removed.  There are dual contact relay output capable of switching 5 amps of current to drive valves,  additional relays or what ever you need.

         Greenhouse Timer Board     This is a jpeg file for the timer circuit board.  View is from the top.

         Greenhouse Timer Circuit     This is a jpeg file for the Greenhouse Timer.

        Greenhouse Timer Parts List    This is a text file for the parts list.

        Level Controller       This link is for a level controller for use with a well pump.  The file is a jpeg format.